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Posted February 27, 2021 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Charpentier

Brushing with Braces: Cleaning Every Nook & Cranny

If braces are in your child or teen’s future, or they have just had them placed, you may be wondering just how the heck they’re going work around them when flossing and brushing. We’d love to calm your mind by reminding you those wires and brackets are temporary visitors, hanging out to help correct the […]

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Posted January 13, 2021 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. Charpentier

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

How do you feel when you see that little plastic floss container in your medicine cabinet? Eagerness to achieve that clean feeling in your mouth? Or regret over a habit you have trouble keeping? Did you get excited about recent headlines saying flossing isn’t necessary? We’re sorry to break the news, but as your oral […]

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Posted October 27, 2020 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Charpentier

Benzocaine is Not Safe for Teething!

Benzocaine has been an over-the-counter local dental anesthetic for people of all ages for many years. It is available in most drugstores, often under product names such as Anbesol®, Orajel™ , Hurricaine®, and Baby Orajel™.  Recently, the use of benzocaine has been linked to a rare but serious condition called methemoglobinemia, a disorder that reduces […]

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Posted September 13, 2020 / Blog, Patient Care
Dr. Charpentier

Can Dentists Detect Eating Disorders in Children & Teens?

At Charpentier Family Dentistry, we want our dental family to feel safe and comfortable in our practice, and for each experience in our care to be positive. We also want our patients and their families to be informed, which sometimes means discussing heavy topics—today’s heavy topic is eating disorders. Wondering why a dentist would broach […]

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Posted July 27, 2020 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. Charpentier

Have You Been Avoiding the Dentist?

We’ve all got our reasons. Money. Time. The fear of pain. Juggling insurance. Facing one more reminder that we really should be flossing more. Any of these might cause us to avoid and put off regular visits to the dentist.Has it been so long since you saw a dentist that you’re not even sure how […]

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